Numatic Scrubber Drier TT4045

We are now offering a Free no obligation demo on the TT4045 Scrubber Drier.
Ideal for industrial environments where floors experience heavy foot traffic and great for cleaning rough floor textures.  These can be used in a variety of public areas such as shopping centres.  Community centres and showrooms.
The demo will let you see just how simple this industrial floor scrubber is to use and it will let you see just what a fantastic job it can make of flooring.  With a 40 litre clean and dirty water tank and heavy duty polyform tanks.  This performs for as long as you need.
It also has a TwinFlo vacuum motor providing exceptional wet pick up.  You can see this for yourself when you give it a try.  With a heavy duty brush motor on this Numatic floor scrubber you will see it really does meet your expectations.
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Powerful Vacuum Cleaner and Combined Carpet Cleaner

The Numatic CT570 Carpet cleaner has a dual aspect.  Not only is this a very powerful vacuum cleaner but it is also a carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning machine.  Ideal for light industrial environments, the super-tough Structofoam construction can be used in workshops by Valeters.  It can also be used by contract cleaners for offices, restaurants and waiting rooms.

With a capacity of 15L-wet / 23L-dry and large (38mm) diameter tube set and accessories.  This is one machine that really lets you get on with the job.

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Karcher Puzzi Carpet Cleaning Powder

You may not realise just how far carpet cleaning powder can go.  It is much more economical than liquid carpet cleaner.

When diluted 1Kg of powder will cover 100m² of carpet.  This is perfect for commercial cleaning companies where economies of scale are so important when making a profit.

Our 10 Kg tub contains a measuring scoop for ease of use.

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Numatic Scrubber Driers are Versatile and Agile

You wouldn’t believe the places you would see a Numatic Scrubber Drier in use.  All kinds of companies are using these amazing machines to great effect.

Supermarkets aisles are left spotless, which is not easy with the throughput off traffic, especially at weekends.

Workshops can be dirty places but that’s not a problem with a Numatic Scrubber Drier.  Workshop floors can also be kept immaculate and free from grime, grease, oil and dust.  With the use of a scrubber drier, premises are always presentable, no matter where they are.

Warehouses can also be places that need to be clean and tidy to ensure products are stored correctly.  With the dust from delivery lorries and forklifts these can be challenging areas for cleaners.  A Numatic Scrubber Drier will always make life easier for them.  The benefit is clean premises and clean products.

Although the Numatic Scrubber Drier is great for all of these industrial areas, it can also be used for many other applications.  Offices, Schools and colleges are all areas of heavy foot traffic that always need to be smart and clean.  The Numatic Scrubber Drier can even be used in the leisure market.  Gyms, shopping centers and garden centers can all benefit too.

The Numatic TT4045 has so many great features:

  • Deck tilt system making brush changes quick and simple using this industrial floor scrubber
  • 40 litre clean and dirty water heavy duty polyform tanks
  • TwinFlo vacuum motor providing the exceptional wet pick up
  • Heavy duty brush motor on this Numatic floor scrubber
  • An adjustable operator handle
  • Flexifill, extending and flexible filling hose
  • Oil filled, low load, planetary gearbox gives maximum power transmission to the floor

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Some Unexpected Uses for your Steam Cleaner

When you think of steam cleaning, what springs to mind?  Most people think of bathroom tiles, however a steam cleaner can be used to get other areas spotlessly clean.  A steam cleaner is a very versatile cleaning appliance, some uses that do not immediately come to mind are:

  • Cleaning sofas and car seats
  • Sanitising your mattress
  • Cleaning curtains, carpets and rugs

With a steam cleaner, there is no need for cleaning chemicals as the steam acts as the disinfectant.  You can use the steam cleaner on kitchen appliances such as cookers and oven hobs, to save using powerful chemicals.  A steam cleaner will even defrost your freezer quickly.  Handy eh?

Now that the better weather is here you may be thinking of bringing out the barbeque.  Did you know that the SC1020 and SC2500 will also clean this, sterilising the grill and making it ready to use when the mood takes you.

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It’s Spring Cleaning Time – have you got enough Carpet Cleaning Powder for the job?

Now that the days are becoming longer and evenings lighter.  Everyone is in spring cleaning mood.  Whether you own a Puzzi carpet cleaner to use around the house or you are a professional cleaner whose services are in demand this weather.  You will need the right carpet cleaning powder for the job. The RM760 carpet cleaning powder in the 10Kg tub will ensure you always have a stock and will never run short.  At just £57.98 it is great value. Simple to use with your Puzzi Carpet Cleaner Spray Extraction Machine and specially formulated by Karcher for this machine, it is the only detergent to think of when you need to clean carpets. 1% of powder dilutes into 10 litres of Fresh Water and 1Kg of powder will cover 100m², so this tub will last you a while. Measuring Scoop is included for ease of use. Click on the link to buy, today.

Numatic TT4045 Twintec Mains Powered Floor Scrubber is Great for Retailing

These popular mains powered floor cleaning machines are used largely in industrial environments where floors have heavy foot traffic, however they are also great for many other environments.  Not least of these is in the retail sector where there is a constant stream of shoppers and long opening hours.  A Numatic scrubber drier can clean floors safely around shoppers without the need to close the area.  The floor is cleaned and dried to perfection and the results are amazing.

The TT4045 will give a really deep clean and you can easily see the results compared to manual cleaning.  With superb handling it is easy to cover large areas quickly and effectively.

These Scrubber driers are ideal for use in shopping centers, supermarkets and car showrooms.

For a free no obligation demo call us on 01236 449554 and see the results for yourself.

Best Price on the Numatic TT4045 Scrubber Drier

We have the best price online for the TT4045 at just £1329.99.  This is an offer you won’t want to miss out on.  The TT4045 has some great features such as

  • Full stainless steel chassis
  • A deck tilt system makes changes quick and simple
  • 40 litre clean and dirty water heavy duty polyform tanks
  • Twinflo vacuum motor providing exceptional wet pick up
  • Heavy duty brush motor
  • Fully adjustable operator handle
  • Simple On/Off trigger control
  • Extending and flexible filling hose
  • Oil filled, low load, planetary gearbox gives maximum power transmission direct to the floor
  • Full range of brush and pad drive systems on this

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Great Prices on Vax Products

We have just started stocking a new range of excellent cleaning machines.  The Vax range of carpet cleaners, upright vacuum cleaners and pressure washers are great value and all price checked to ensure we are the most competitive today.

The Vax pressure washer at just £111.95 is the best price online click to view the great features of this versatile and compact, powerful little machine

The Vax carpet cleaners are also great for homes with children and pets.  Carpets are kept like new with regular use of this great upright vacuum cleaner.  This is very competitively priced at just £93.98 you won’t find it cheaper anywhere else.  Buy now at

Vax also make very powerful and effective vacuum cleaners, click on the link to view

With great all year round bargains you don’t have to look any further or wait for the sales.  Buy now and start to see the results in your home today.

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Best Space Heater Deals Online

During the winter we have been keeping and eye on prices and have found that we consistently have the best prices online and thought it might be useful to share this with you.

We only have a few of the following space heater models left, so buy them now while the price is low and use them on cold days in workshops, yards and other commercial or industrial working spaces.

AB458 Space Heater

The AB458 is an excellent little paraffin or diesel heater at just £213.95 it is a bargain.  Click here to buy

LP50 Space Heater

Or you can check out the LP50 at the unbelievable price of £99.97 today.

AB7081 Space Heater

The AB7081 space heater is extremely versatile running on paraffin, kerosene or diesel and it’s more long burning.  Buy now at

IR20 Space Heater

Or why not look at the IR20 space heater?  It’s an infrared space heater and due to this you will really feel the heat.  Buy now at

We constantly check our prices and ensure we remain the competitive so you really won’t find a better deal online.  Buy today for immediate free UK mainland delivery.

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