Some Unexpected Uses for your Steam Cleaner

When you think of steam cleaning, what springs to mind?  Most people think of bathroom tiles, however a steam cleaner can be used to get other areas spotlessly clean.  A steam cleaner is a very versatile cleaning appliance, some uses that do not immediately come to mind are:

  • Cleaning sofas and car seats
  • Sanitising your mattress
  • Cleaning curtains, carpets and rugs

With a steam cleaner, there is no need for cleaning chemicals as the steam acts as the disinfectant.  You can use the steam cleaner on kitchen appliances such as cookers and oven hobs, to save using powerful chemicals.  A steam cleaner will even defrost your freezer quickly.  Handy eh?

Now that the better weather is here you may be thinking of bringing out the barbeque.  Did you know that the SC1020 and SC2500 will also clean this, sterilising the grill and making it ready to use when the mood takes you.

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