Cleaning Products from Cleaning Superstore

Cleaning Products for Homes, Offices and Workshops

Choose from a wide range of cleaning products from Cleaning Superstore based in Scotland delivering daily to business customers and home owners all over the UK.  

Cleaning Supplies Wholesaler Scotland

We have a full range of cleaning products and cleaning and janitorial supplies and a wide variety of cleaning equipment that you can buy in bulk from us for your workshop, office or in the home.

  • Eco cleaning products
  • Kitchen and catering cleaning products
  • Descale / degrease products
  • Sanitisers and disinfectants
  • Drainage and outdoor

Washroom Hygiene Products Supplier in Scotland

Maintain hygiene standards in your staff washroom with regular washroom supplies delivered by Cleaning Superstore. Keep your toilets clean and your washrooms well stocked with our soap and skin care products kit from roller towels to  soap dispensers and air fragrance and toilet rolls. out your staff and protect their clothes by issuing them with Industrial Clothing and Industrial Footwear that we have ready for immediate delivery.

Specialist Products for Metal and Window Cleaning

 Do you need to clean and maintain the following metals:

  • stainless steel
  • silver
  • copper
  • aluminum
  • cast iron
  • brass
  • bronze
  • tin

Remove tarnish or clean your silver, gold, brass, and other precious metals including jewellery. We can dispatch the right metal cleaning fluid for the job.

Clean and degrease your windows without streaks. From washers to squeegees, buckets to dusters, Cleaning Superstore has all you need for those window cleaning tasks. And for the home owner, check out our competitive prices on Window Vacs.

Chemical Cleaning Products

Cleaning Superstore offers a range of cleaning chemicals suitable for a variety of tasks in the home and workplace.

We have a wide selection of quality cleaning products at great prices.

FREE delivery to UK Mainland On Orders over £50.00

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