Karcher Cold Water Commercial Pressure Washers

See our full range of cold water pressure washers from Karcher for use around the home for domestic power washing tasks or in an industrial environment where you might need a heavy duty pressure washer to deliver a powerful bore of water to remove the most stubborn dirt and engrained stains. Alex Shanks Ltd based in Scotland sells and services Karcher Pressure Washers

High Pressure Cold Water Washers

These high pressure power washers are both powerful and efficient and deliver a constant stream of high pressure cold water from a light trigger gun that can take a variety of pressure washer accessories and is quick and easy to set up and use.

Karcher's cold water pressure washer is perfect for the following cleaning tasks:

  • Cleaning Plant Machinery
  • Power washing cars and trucks
  • Delivering high pressure water to clean workshop floors
  • Jet washing Patios and Driveways