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Double Agent Bactericidal Cleaner (2 x 5 ltr)

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Combat double agent bactericidal multipurpose cleaner reduces the risk of disinfectant resistant bacteria. This product is supplied in two different colour-coded formulations each containing a different disinfection system.

Rotating the two products reduces the risk of bacteria developing resistance to the agents designed to destroy them. Effective against MRSA, Listeria, Salmonella and E.Coli at 20°C after 5 minutes contact time, when diluted.

Can be used manually through a pressure washer, a floor scrubbing machine or through a foaming lance.

Suitable for use in Hospital Wards, Nursing Homes, Catering and Kitchen areas, Washrooms or wherever high standards of hygiene are essential.

Pack Size: 2 x 5Ltr

Pack contains 1 x 5 Ltr Red and 1x Ltr Blue.

Red and Blue mixed.

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