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For your home, garden or business browser our website and see our full range of Pressure Washers, Window Vacs and Steam Cleaners manufactured by Karcher and distributed by your Karcher Dealer Cleaning Superstore

Karcher Hot and Cold Power Washers

In today's economy, when every expense must be carefully considered, let us help you choose your next power washer.

A cold water pressure washing machine may be the right machine for your domestic or commercial needs. Cold water pressure washers are less expensive than heated configurations and great for exterior applications requiring high pressure levels and flow rates  We can offer you an electric jet pressure washer, or, alternatively there are petrol and diesel powered pressure washers for use with cold water where an electrical supply is not always available.  

Our hot water pressure washer cleaners that feature steam temperature options provides excessive additional power jet washing that is fast and effective at dissolving substances by sanitizing while cleaning. Take a look at our range of hot water jet pressure washers for shifting stubborn dirt and grime and our cold Water pressure washers for both domestic and general industrial power washing jobs.

Karcher Pressure Washer Accessories

If you've already invested in a pressure washer, you realize how much time they can save you, but more time can be saved if you have the right pressure washer accessory.

A Pressure Washer Accessory to Perform Any Job

With the right pressure washer attachments, you'll be able to perform any tough cleaning task.

The most obvious necessary you'll need is a multi-purpose nozzle attachment that can spread water over a wide angle to cover a large area. You can twist and change the nozzle to force a narrow bore of water under pressure to project the water jet power onto a single point.

So, whether you are washing cars or attacking dirt embedded in your fleet of trucks or construction equipment, you will need a number of accessories that will help you maintain adequate water pressure aimed at where the dirt and grime needs to be flushed away.

Another popular option is the extension lance that will allow you to reach areas that you might not normally be able to; perfect such as high sided vehicles, or those roof jobs and 2nd floor walls or windows.

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