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Karcher Cold Water Pressure Washer HD600

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Karcher Cold water pressure washer HD600

The Karcher cold water pressure washer HD600 is a portable cold water high pressure washer developed to meet the special requirements of painters and facade cleaning contractors.

This Karcher single phase Karcher cold water pressure washer HD600 unit is protected from mechanical damage by a tubular steel cage and is particularly suitable for cleaning operations on scaffolding. It is also ideal for vehicle cleaning.

Suitable for cleaning a variety of surfaces from concrete yards, vehicles and wheelie bins.

The short spray lance (540mm) ensures that a sufficient spraying distance can be maintained when working on scaffolding or cleaning in small places with the Karcher cold water Pressure Washer HD600. The lance is pivot mounted in the trigger gun so that it can be rotated to reach awkward corners and surfaces with ease. The triple nozzle (standard equipment) enables the user to quickly select the type of jet that best suits the cleaning job, i.e. either a high pressure pencil jet, 25° high pressure fan jet or 40° low pressure fan jet. The familiar Dirt blaster (rotary nozzle), which is available to exactly match every Karcher high pressure washer cleaner, can be used in the case of more stubborn dirt and stains, such as lime efflorescence. A particularly robust, high quality hose is used.

The Karcher cold water pressure washer HD600 unit is mounted on rubber feet to prevent vibrations being transmitted to the scaffolding and makes sure the machine does not creep. The motor and electrical equipment are installed in a splash proof housing. The three piston axial pump with stainless steel pistons and brass cylinder head guarantees a long service life and exceptional durability. The Karcher cold water pressure washers HD600 switch control turns the motor off automatically as soon as water feed is interrupted at the trigger gun. Energy is saved in this way.

Transportation is simple because the unit weighs only 25 kg. It will fit in every station wagon and can also be carried by hand. Finding a suitable power supply is not a problem thanks to the unit's single phase motor (connected load 3.3 kW). The Karcher HD 600 can also be used for all other cleaning jobs in the workshop or vehicle fleet.

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