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Karcher HDS-C 7/11

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Karcher HDS-C 7/11 Hot Water Pressure Washer

This stand alone Hot pressure washer has all the benefits of the mobile HDS pressure cleaners whilst housed a robust ergonomic cabinet.

Hot Water Presssure Washers in Stainless Steel Cabinets

This provides several advantages, including protection against weather, vandalism and theft. There is also a lockable operation panel to prevent unauthorised use. The operation is straight forward, a single switch enables the user to easily select the correct programme. During the cleaning process there is also a visual display that notifies the user of the current operating status. This Karcher hot water pressure washer is ideal for the automotive or hire companies and industry.

Features and benefits of Karcher HDS-C 7/11 hot water pressure washer in stainless steel cabinet

  • Perfectly protected
  • The unit integrated in a robust casing features different protective devices.
  • Weather proof stainless steel casing to protect the unit against environmental conditions.
  • Lockable cover for protection against unauthorised use or vandalism.
  • Maximal mobility the optional swivelling boom facilitates the handling and avoids wear and damages to the vehicle.
  • The program is selected easily using self explanatory pictograms to guide the user step by step per rotary switch through the process.

A LED control display provides the following information:

  1. Operational safety
  2. Burner fault
  3. Empty status signal of cleaning agent tank
  4. Overheating of high pressure pump
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