Karcher Pressure Washers Deals

Karcher Pressure Washers Deals

  • Are you confused about which pressure washer to buy?
  • If buying pressure washing equipment how quickly do you want it delivered?
  • Want to buy a pressure washer that makes it easier than ever to complete cleaning tasks quickly and efficiently?

Karcher Pressure Washers from Alex Shanks in Coatbridge Scotland

If you are looking for fantastic offers on quality pressure washers for sale and pressure washer accessories, look no further than Alex Shanks you premier  Karcher pressure washer dealer in Scotland offering power washers at unbeatable prices and a customer centric sales and after service that includes fast delivery within the UK Mainland..

Review Hot versus Cold Pressure Washers

As a leading Karcher outlet located in Coatbridge you can browse, review and select online the pressure washer that is right for your cleaning tasks.

Karcher offer a large range of power washers, from entry level domestic electric cold water pressure washers for home users or consider a heavy duty hot water pressure washer for industrial and commercial use which and either be powered by electric or petrol. 

If you plan to use your pressure washer for small tasks such as, washing your car, cleaning a stone patio or your garden furniture or decking, then an electric cold water power washer will be just fine. However, if you plan to clean roofing, strip paint or deep clean to remove stains from your driveway, then you will want the extra power of a heavy duty petrol pressure cleaner. 

Karcher Pressure Washer Accessories

What are the must have pressure washer accessories? Making sure your pressure washer comes with the right accessory is essential. Alex Shanks stock a selective range of domestic and commercial power washer accessories such as spreading the spray of the water from 0 degree to more than 45 degrees for covering a much wider area. A dirt blaster attachment offers a wide-angle spread of water is very helpful in cleaning your car, whereas if you need the narrow spread of water for cleaning those hard-to-remove dirt and grime on walls, driveways and pavements. 

How To Choose a Pressure Washer Type?

You might be looking for a pressure washer that is light and easy to transport and many of our small domestic cold water pressure washers will be suffice. But if you are dealing with large washing task and you also need to use hot water washer then you have to consider purchasing one of our heavy duty hot water pressure washers that emits heated water to handle particularly difficult cleaning tasks. Our industrial power washers are much bigger and likely to be on wheels. Get in touch and talk to Alex Shanks who will help you find out where you can save pounds on either a hot water or cold water power washer that comes with great accessories.

Karcher Hot Water Pressure Washers

Do you want to buy a hot water pressure washer? Browse or get in touch about the best pressure washer deals on line from Alex Shanks. We can offer on brand name hot water power washers. Karcher is a very reliable hot water pressure washer, they are fast and more effective at dissolving substances, and sometimes it is the extra weight, and jet washing power you need for those heavy duty tasks.  

Karcher Cold Water Pressure Washers

Should you buy a cold water pressure washer? Cold water pressure washers are for more practical domestic power washing jobs. A cold water pressure washer is significantly lighter than hot water power washer units. This increased mobility makes cold water versions easier to transport and ideal for locations that would be inaccessible for those heavy duty power washers on wheels.