Karcher Push Sweeper KM 70/15 C

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Karcher Push Sweeper KM 70/15 C



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Product Description

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A professional sweeper from Karcher offering a fast and convenient alternative to broom sweeping. The Karcher KM70/15 C is a floor cleaning machine that features a waste container, adjustable roller brush and a side brush for edges and kerbs.

Industrial Floor Sweeper

The Karcher KM70/15 C, industrial floor sweeper is a very light floor sweeper. What makes it an ideal floor cleaning product is that it provides a pre-clean prior to scrubber drier use. It's adjustable handle makes it easy for any user. Suitable for external yard cleaning for local councils, industrial cleaners, janitors, hotels and shopping centres. It is a highly versatile sweeper for use in a variety of large areas.

Other features of the Karcher KM70/15 C are:

  • 2 wheels driven main roller brush straight forward drive and sweeping result
  • Sweeps in left and on the right
  • Height of side brush is adjustable in four steps
  • The frame is easy to grip and is easy to transport
  • Side brush with adjustable contact pressure for sweeping up to kerbs/edges
  • Ergonomic carry handle
  • Adjustable push handle, which folds flat for easy storage (3 positions)
  • Main roller brush with height adjustment (4 positions)
  • The brush lifts up when moving

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Previously yellow in colour part 1517150

Technical Specification

Dimensions (L x W X H) 1300 x 810 x 1040 mm
Working width 480 mm
Working width with 1 side brush 700 mm
Container capacity gross / net 42-20 l
Max. area performance 2800 m2/h
Weight 20kg
Weight, ready to operate 20kg
Dimensions packaging (LxWxH) 795 x 400 x 935 mm
Weight incl. packaging 25 kg