Nilfisk MH 5M-180/800 PA 400/3/50 E24 EU Hot Water Pressure Washer

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Nilfisk MH 5M-180/800 PA 400/3/50 E24 EU



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Product Description

Electrically Heated Hot Water Pressure Washer

The Nilfisk MH 5M hot water pressure washer available at Cleaning Superstore, has been adapted to heat the water electrically which means that this pressure washer does not produce exhaust fumes and is eco friendly.

The ergonomic and easy to use MH design is now adapted to an electrical heated hot water unit. Ideal for use in areas where exhaust gases must be avoided, the MH 5M E24 offers pollution free hot water cleaning.

Adapted for use in Areas where Exhaust Emissions have to be Avoided.

The MH 5M E is adapted to use in industries and areas sensitive to exhaust gas emissions. The MH E benefits from many of the same features as the MH 5M, including best-in-class mobility, easy maintenance and service system, WDK dual chemical system, robust steel chassis and frame.

Nilfisk MH 5M 180/800 E24 Features

  • Pollution free electrical heating
  • Precise temperature control and fast heating effect 1450 rpm motor with low noise level
  • QuickService concept reduces maintenance costs
  • Easy to use control panel, all controls in one place
  • Ergonomic accessory system for additional user comfort
  • Max. Inlet temperature 60°C

Technical Specification

Model No: 107146866
Pump pressure (bar/MPa)180/18
Cleaning impact (kg/force)4.0
Recommended avg. hours of use per day: 5
Water flow Qmax/Qiec (l/h)800/740
Pump (RPM)1450
Max. temperature (°C)30/80
Weight (kg)131
Voltage/phase/frequency/current (V/~/Hz/A)400/3/50/43
Max. inlet temperature (°C)60
El cable (m)5
Sound power level, re Directive 2000/14/EU (LwA)90
Nozzle size: .0400
Ceramic pistons: 3
Length x width x height (mm)1188x700x1045
Water tank capacity (l)80
Full ceramic pistons: Included
SilentPower - 1450 rpm motor: Included
QuickService - innovative concept: Included
Ergo accessory system: Included
Wdk dual detergent injector: Included
Robust steel chassis: Included
Mobile: Included
Electrical heating system: Included