Numatic Hetty Vacuum Cleaner HET160A

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Numatic Hetty  Vacuum Cleaner HET160A



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Product Description

Hetty Vacuum Cleaner 200-22

This Numatic Hetty comes with the "AutoSave Low Energy System" Which means that every time you switch on you automatically start on the economy setting. The Hetty Vacuum Cleaner only uses 50% of power each time it is used.

A Numatic Vacuum Cleaner with optimised performance.

The Numatic Hetty Vacuum Cleaner 160-22 is an Ideal hoover for energy conservation with a power switch that can be flicked whenever you require more performance. The noise levels of this Hetty vacuum cleaner is reduced by 20% when the vacuum cleaner is in economy mode.

If more power is needed to cope with the extra dirt just push the red switch and your vacuum cleaner will operate in Hi Power mode.

Have Your Choice of Numatic Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuums that make cleaning chores easy.

At CleaningSuperstore you can now purchase:
Numatic Hepa Flo high efficiency vacuum cleaner model (dust bags available for this model)

The Hetty Numatic Vacuum cleaner has all of the features and specification of a Henry:

Hetty Vacuum Cleaner Power:

  • Giant twinflo, long life, 230V AC 50/60HZ 2-stage 620W motor
  • Single motor, two speed machine
  • Cleaning Range 26.8m
  • Weight 6.6kg
  • Airflow 45L/sec
  • Suction 2600mm
  • Size 340x340x370mm
  • Capacity 9L
Comprehensive Vacuum Cleaner Accessory Kit:
  • stainless steel tube set
  • combination floor nozzle

A range of smaller vacuum cleaner accessories to support all your cleaning needs.

Technical Specification

Energy Efficiency Class A
Carpet / Hard Floor C / C
Dust Re-emission C
Sound Power Level 75dB
Annual Energy Consumption 24.5 kWh/annum
Capacity 9 L
Suction 2000 mm H2O
Cleaning Range 26.8 m
Weight 8.1 kg
Dimensions 360x340x370mm
Motor Power 620 W
Power 230V AC 50/60Hz