Mopping Trolley MMB 1616B Numatic

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Numatic MMB 1616B
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Product Description

The MidMop is always on-hand and easily stored, compact design providing a go-anywhere twin-bucket mopping system.

Versatile convenience with the mop press conveniently mounted in the middle and above the clean and dirty water buckets with the advantage of full access to both buckets all of the time and the press is in the optimum position to be used without continuously bending down. Both 16L pails can be easily removed and replaced without moving the mop press.

The integrated water diverter ensures all dirty water is always directed into the red handled dirty water bucket ensuring an effective mop-rinsing facility before using the blue handled clean water bucket. When a mopping system is easy to use with everything in its place it plays a major part in promoting hygiene and preventing contamination.

A range of accessories allow the user to create a MidMop modular design unit that precisely suits the environment to be cleaned.

Engineered from the highest quality recycled material using environmentally sustainable ReFlo Technology, the MidMop benefits from unique heavy-duty Structofoam construction, using co-polymer grade material, making it tough, chemical-resistant, easy to clean and built to last.

Technical Specification

  • Capacity Clean 16L Dirty 16L
  • Castors 4 x 75mm
  • Dimensions 510 x 680 x 1020mm
  • Press AllMops Vertical Press
  • Optional Swing Pail 5L