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Numatic NTT2003 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Perfect for Industry Use

The Numatic NTT2003 available at Cleaning Superstore, has a Triplex power head and made  of Structofoam and Stainless Steel. The NTT2003 is a machine that is very close to  Numatics hearts. Be it builder’s rubble, a chicken house or a textile mill, the NTD2003 is designed to perform well and give good results – year in year out. As much power and performance as you can fit into a single vacuum cleaner whilst still maintaining practical size and proportions.

Large Capacity and TwinFlo 2-Motor Power Head

A big capacity machine with Triplex power head of all-steel construction; a powerful Structofoam construction, TwinFlo 2-motor power head, giant shake-able filter system, stainless steel container and heavy-duty transit chassis.

The cyclonic container is all stainless steel which is mounted on an all-steel tubular, big wheel transit chassis. The container can be easily unmounted for emptying.

Includes the Versatile BA5 Accessory Kit

The BA5 accessory kit is 38mm but with the clever multi-purpose cyclonic inlet design accessories from the 51mm and 76mm range can also be selected without machine variations.

Numatic NTT2003 Features 

  • Ideal for Industrial Use
    Providing total reliability in performance for all industries.
  • Built to Last
    Heavy-duty Structofoam construction to endure years of industrial use.
  • Powerful Performance
    Long-life TwinFlo 3-motor power head and Stainless Steel container.
  • Ease of Transit
    Big capacity machine with large transit wheels and pull handle.
  • A Tool For Every Job
    Professional BA5 accessory kit and aluminium tube set.


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