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Numatic RSB150NX Back Pack Cordless Vacuum with Single Battery

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The Numatic RSB150NX back pack cordless vacuum cleaner available at Cleaning Superstore is powered by battery rather than mains, giving the RSB150NX great manoeuvrability and flexibility.

No Pesky Power Cords  

The Numatic RSB150NX is the ideal deep cleaning solution when you don't have access to a power source.

Numatics RSB150NX model allows you to use this cordless vacuum cleaner virtually anywhere. Great when faced with cleaning stairways, and other obstacles, especially where there might be safety concerns with cables.

The RSB150NX is ideal for use in aircraft, buses and trains, theatres and general outdoor cleaning tasks where there is a lack of a power supply.

The RSB 150NX is the new updated version of the now discontinued RSB140 backpack vacuum cleaner.

NEW and Improved

The new and improved RSB150NX provides up to date features, longer running times as well as reduced charging times.

The charge time for the NX300 battery to be fully charged is 120 minutes and will give you up to 80 minutes running time.

Please note that this is the single battery version. 

You can purchase the RSB150NX that includes a spare battery from Cleaning Superstore by following this link. Numatic RSB150NX (2 Battery)

By purchasing a second NX300 Battery you can alternate the battery's to have continuous running times, especially where long cleaning tasks are involved. The lightweight yet powerful battery pack makes the RSB150 comfortable and pleasant to wear.

The RSB150NX Numatic back pack cordless vacuum cleaner available from Cleaning Superstore comes with 1 battery & charger included. Ready for immediate delivery UK wide.

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