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Scrubbing brushes to tackle dirt and grime. Alex Shanks offers a range of hand held and battery operated cordless scrubbing brushes where hygiene and effective cleaning is required using good old elbow grease.

Battery Operated Cordless Scrubbing Brushes

Endless handheld scrubbing using good old fashioned elbow grease becomes a thing of the past when you invest in a battery operated cordless scrubbing brush. Imagine how much hand scrubbing time can be saved when you invest in a cordless scrubbing brush. Take a look at our battery operated scrubbing brush developed by the IVO Group. This cordless scrubbing brush is available in 3 different kits and comes with a variety of attachments.

Hand Held Scrubbing Brushes 

Traditional hand held scrubbing brushes that are lightweight and very strong.

A traditional hand held scrubbing brush bought from us comes with durable bristles and ideal for indoor or outdoor use. From nail scrubbers to maintain personal hygiene to wide head brushes for scrubbing floors or worktops, there are even scrubbing brushes for our walls and showers where you might need to scrub up your tiles or grouting. 


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