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A variety of squeegees for sale to remove or control the flow of liquid on a number of flat surfaces around your home both inside and out.

Window Squeegees For Sale

Our most popular range of squeegee is the Window Squeegee, great for removing cleaning fluid or water from a glass surfaces. Some squeegees available from Cleaning Superstore are backed with a sponge which can soak up soapy water from a bucket for application to dirty windows. Our window squeegees are very light, very flexible and have a sharp rubber blade.

Floor Squeegees For Sale

Great for commercial kitchens for when you need to drive soapy water towards a drain, or for use in the home on wooden or stone tile floors etc, when you need to follow behind those with mucky boots. Whatever type of spillage or sanitary clean up job you need to perform you will find a floor squeegee that will do the task. 

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